Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Black or White

I open the matrimonial pages and everyone in the world seeks a fair, slim, well educated, and  rich brides.  Well we can mange everything else on the list. How do we turn all the brown skinned girls fair? The recently crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri had to face racist remarks. The remarks went upto the extent of calling her a terrorist. 

Aren’t we Indians racist too? We have hundreds of fairness cream where the company has planned onto totally abolish all the dark skinned people by hiring fair models for the advertisement. I feel pity for the girls who have to run behind the anti-ageing creams and the fairness cream and hook onto the products as if their entire lives depend on it. Why only women, the fairness market is now open for the men too. If this continues at this pace soon all the kids will be engulfed by these products.

In a certain manner I would call myself a racist too. Whenever I see Dhanush on screen, it is very difficult for me to accept the unconventional looks of this hero (I hope the fans don’t get offended). As an actor he is exceptionally good (I would never deny that). Before the fans get offended let me share a personal experience. A few people have asked me that being a Brahmin how am I dark skinned. (The clique is that all Brahmins are fair. I would definitely have to ask my grandparents about the source).

A message for all the people out there, that do not weigh self worth based on complexion. Beauty is always skin deep. And every skin color is beautiful. Never regret your looks. We don’t have be be fair to be a good human being.  Instead we need to be successful by gaining good education and knowledge and most importantly a good human being.

The song goes on something like this
“Hum Kaale hain to kya hua dilwale hain”.