About Me

I had started this blog purely out of boredom. As soon as I got married I was at home for 6 months and out of boredom a venture began.  Never thought I would be interested in cooking. As a teenager when my aunt used to ask me to learn cooking I used to tell her either I would hire a cook, make my husband cook or get the food from hotel. The above mentioned options never worked because we could not afford a full time cook. The second option went to dogs when I realized my husband R.K. will never experience the bliss of cooking as he doesn't know how to even make coffee ( pampered by his mom of course and now pampered by me, he improved his cooking when he had to leave India and stay alone in US). The third option I would never prefer as I have seen the hygienic conditions of my college mess and a few hotels (ughhh!!!). 

Going down the memory lane of cooking when I was a kid I used to stay at my mamama's place (my mama's ma, hence mamama) I used to see her cook in the dingy kitchen. Her frail figure grinding on that huge pestle and mortar (ragodo), boiling water on that huge pot (bhaan) with all the dry wood collected from forest, picking up the raw mango's and Karanja ( a fruit which we use to make pickle or eat if it ripened) for making yummy pickles, scorching herself in the hot sun for making vodi and happolu (sun dried eatables). Now we equipments which helps us cook up things in a jiffy. But all the hard-work done by my grandma and the flavor it would give in my mouth is still unforgettable.

I started this blog as a food blog which was more like jotting down recipes on a diary. It helped me later when I had to repeat any dish. Later on moved on to upload Konkani Bhajan's sung by me using my Shruthi box. I love listening to konkani, marathi and hindi bhajans. I have received training in carnatic music for a few years. But if you ask me raga of a particular song I will be staring back at you like a baboon.

Time passed and I  started writing a few articles which are not written by me entirely. I pick up ideas from various blogs and compile into an article. There are a few written by me too. 

Now this blog has everything and nothing. I don't have much visitor's except a few of my friends who faithfully like all the pictures on facebook page. The pictures are clicked by myself on my google nexus 7 or a small camera and edited using the software on it. I am a horrible photographer which I plan on improving. I have an SLR but I find it very heavy to carry and take pictures. I am so clumsy that I am scared I will knock it down.

I have done my engineering in Electronics and Communications and I am almost done with my M.Tech in Signal Processing. I aspire to be a Professor. I love teaching. But I hate programming. I love volunteering. I have volunteered for about 1 month at an NGO called Bhumi for teaching at a government school, but I had to quit. Waiting for such opportunities to turn up.

A few things about me which you should know:

  •  I can contradict my statement very 5 min.
  •  I love my family very much.
  •  I have a group of friends whom I love a lot.
  •  If I have a superpower I would love to have the power to fly.
  •  I suck at sports and even video games.
  •  I am a FEMINIST!!! Here I said it out loud!!!
  •  I hate being called a housewife (not that I don't appreciate them, its just the way some people say the  term "just a housewife").

Do have a great time reading and please leave comments if you find it even slightly interesting.

With Love,