Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dashavatars and The Theory of Evolution

"Yada yada hi Dharmasya glanir Bhavati Bharath
 Abhyudhanama dharmasya dhatatmanam srijanyaham"

Whenever dharma or the situation of law and order is endangered on this world, I shall incarnate onto this world to re-establish Dharma, law and order, and to protect the good people and to destroy the evil  elements of the society.

Among the trinity Gods, Brahma is the GENERATOR, Vishnu is the OPERATOR and Shiva is the DESTROYER.  Lord Vishnu takes an avatar whenever law and order are endangered in this world. These Avatar's also depict the Theory of Evolution

Periodically Lord Vishnu descent's upon the earth in animal or human form and preserve the world from increasing evil.The mythology of Dashavatar describes how Vishnu incarnates from time to time to save mankind and the sacred scriptures.

The scientific theory of evolution states that life on earth began as single celled organisms and later developed into multi-cellular organisms. The theory further states that aquatic creatures came into existence first and then came the amphibians. Land dependent animals came later. Finally from monkeys to human. 

Avatars in Sata yuga:

1. Matsya Avatar

Evolution Aspect :Which means fish which could solely live in water.

Mythology Gist: He came to rescue the Vedas from destruction.

2. Kurma Avatar

Evolution Aspect: It means turtle which can live on both land and water (amphibian).

Mythology Gist: He acted as a support for the mountain during the churning of ocean.

3. Varaaha Avatar

Evolution aspect: It means Boar those can only survive on land with a protruded snout (which indicates the survival on land). 

Mythology Gist: He mounted the earth and killed Hiranyaksha.

4. Narasimha Avatar

Evolution Aspect : Half Lion and Half Human.

Mythology Gist : He appeared in order to save his devotee Prahlad.

Avatars in Treta Yuga:

5. Vaamana Avatar

Evolution Aspect : A human with short stature corresponding to the appearance of human being

Mythology Gist : He tricked the demon King Bali and sent him pataala so that the control of the universe goes back to the Gods.

6. Parasurama Avataar

Evolution Aspect: Man who first tried to bring order.

Mythology Gist : Wiped out 21 generations of impious kings. 

7. Rama Avataar

Evolution Aspect : A man's need  and struggle for law and order. 

Mythology Gist : Rescued his wife from the clutches of demonic king Raavana and set up the path of righteousness. 

Avatars in Dwapara Yuga:

8. Krishna Avataar

Evolution aspect : A superhuman with full realization of consciousness

Mythology Gist: The central character in the Epic of Mahabharatha which deals with aspect like love, politics and brotherhood. He also gives us the ultimate guide Bhagavadgeetha. 

9. Buddha Avataar

Evolution Aspect : A spiritual leader for a chaotic mind of a human.

Mythology Gist: Appeared to spread the divine knowledge among people and teach the concept of Ahimsa. 

Avatar in Kali Yuga

10. Kalki Avataar

Evolution Aspect : Apocalypse

Mythology Aspect : Will appear to destroy the evil people and bring back Sata Yuga and continue the cycle.

Comparing the stages of Avataar and the Evolution aspect we can fully describe development of modern humans. Our scriptures have described it all!!