Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Basil Watermelon Juice

The summer is just rising in Phoenix. And we need no reason to drink water. Because of the rising heat we tend to drink lots of water. But I am experimenting with new flavours. I had tried the combination of watermelon, mint and lemon.

This is another stuff that I tried. Watermelon and basil. The classic combination.  The basil just parches off our thirst leaving a cold feeling in our throat.


Watermelon pieces : 2 cups or watermelon puree 3 cups

Basil leaves : 10

Honey : 1 tbsp

1. In a blender blend the watermelon slices and basil leaves.
2. Drizzle honey and serve cold.

Notes: Store it in freezer so that the flavor seeps into the juice. Especially the basil flavour.