Thursday, August 6, 2015

Prawns Saaru

My husband loves Prawns. And I love experimenting new recipes. This recipe would go along beautifully with rice.

Ingredients :
Prawns : 1/2 kg (Or 8-10 in no., medium sized)
Grated Coconut : 2 tbsp
Red Chillies : 3
Coriander Seeds : 1 tsp
Byadagi Red Chilli : 2 (for color)
Tamarind Pulp : 2 tsp
Onion : 1 (Finely chopped)
Turmeric Powder : 1/4 tsp
Coconut Oil : 2 tsp
Salt according to Taste

Procedure :
1. Peel and clean the prawns and marinate with turmeric powder and salt, and keep aside for half an hour.
2. In a  deep bottomed pan dry roast coconut, red chillies and coriander seeds till they give out an aromatic smell. Be careful not to burn it.
3. In the same pan heat oil and add the finely chopped onions and cook till they turn brown.
4. Once the roasted coconut powder is cooled down grind it in a mixer with the tamarind pulp.
5. Add this paste to the roasted onion paste.
6. Add water and bring it to a boil. Now add the marinated prawns and cook for 2 minutes (Prawns doesn't take much time to cook)
7. Add salt if necessary. (As you have already marinated the prawns with salt)