Monday, December 7, 2015

Prune and Date Roll

A simple no sugar dessert. Can grab it on your way out as a snack bar for breakfast.

Ingredients :
Date : 1 cup
Prunes : 1 cup
Pista : 2 tbsp
Cashew : 2 tbsp
Almonds : 2 tbsp
Walnuts : 2 tbsp
Raisins : 2 tbsp
Cranberry : 2 tbsp
Shredded Coconut : just for rolling the dry fruit roll
Coconut Oil/ Clarified butter : 1 tsp (Completely optional)

Procedure :
1. Chop the date and prunes into tiny pieces.
2. Heat a pan and add coconut oil/ clarified butter and add the chopped dates and prunes. This step is purely optional. If using soft dates to can just mash them in a bowl using a fork. Just so that the chopped nuts stick to them.
3. Add the chopped nuts, raisings and cranberries.
4. Mix them well and make a dough and then shape into a cylindrical roll.
5. Roll them over shredded coconut and cover them with a parchment paper and place it in the refridgerator.
6. Cut them into tiny pieces and serve.