Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bell Pepper Bulls-eye

As soon as I moved to the U.S. I had to put on a fight with myself to settle. I was struggling to settle here. I felt ignorant about half of the stuff when I moved here. All the kitchen appliances were new to me. I did not know how to use a simple microwave oven. And there was a conventional oven too. And I realized how I don't know so about so many things. Will blog about all the difficulties later.

And then I was invited for a party at home by one of my husband's colleague. And the food platter laid there was yumm!!! This particular dish was one of them which was served there.

Recipe Source: One of my Friend

Preparation Time: 2 Min

Cooking Time: 5 Min

Red Bell Pepper: 1
Egg: 1
Pepper: According to the Spicy level you prefer
Salt: According to Taste

1. Slice the Bell Pepper horizontally in round shape.
2. Place it over a pan and press slightly.
3. Break the egg and pour it between the space available.
4. Drizzle it with salt and pepper.
5. Once it is cooked turn it over and cook for some more time.

Serve it as an appetizer. Please serve it hot. The crunchiness of the capsicum and the softness of the egg make a superb combination.