Saturday, March 22, 2014

Why Writing is Important

Before I write on any particular subject I read at least 10-15 articles and combine them with my ideas and then jot it down for the readers. Writing has helped me a lot. Writing has helped me move easily among facts, without confusing myself and gaining clarity on a particular topic with my entire energy focused on it. A few other advantages are jotted down.

1. Writing is the primary basis on which you will be judged throughout your life.

Be it school, college or your workplace. Our learning and intellect is often reflected on what we write. Even in our community our intellect is judged based on what we write.

2. Writing helps us express ourselves.

In my school as  a kid the assignments were given for summer vacation too. We were asked to write down the daily news. Write book reviews ( at least 5). We considered it to be a huge task. I mean 5 books? And read the papers daily? But all those things helped us shape our intellectual aspect and made us a person with our own opinions. Each person has a different perspective when he/she reads a book. Writing a dairy can help you keep a track of your own thought's and activities and reflect on them later ( and probably have a laugh a few years later).

3. Writing can help us make a complicated thing appear simple.

All the things can be explained in a much simpler way. We can rephrase any particular topic which appear difficult to other's in a much simpler way. With the help of examples we can make thing much easier.

4. Writing helps communicate with other's as well as ourselves.

We can get some response on (in case we are not certain about any idea). It can give us feedback. It can help us question our ideas too. It helps to evaluate the adequacy of your arguments. Our ideologies help shape up our society.