Friday, September 12, 2014

Older Generation was Better

Grandparents's are one of the best thing to happen to Grandkids. Nothing can be compared to the memories made with them. Grandparents bring a little more warmth, love and happiness to our lives. I have spent majority part of my childhood with my Grandmom's. My Bapamma (dad's mother) stayed with us. And I used to visit my Mamama (mom's mother) during every summer vacation. And I was blessed to have one other bapamma (A lady who used to take care of me until I was 5). That generation was better at so many things than we are. When I compare at all the facilities available to us I feel we are much less productive than our previous generation. Lot of machines have been invented for our comfort and saving of time but they have made us lazy.

I am going to list a few thing that our older generation was better than ours.

1. Cooking from Scratch

Be it making of vodi (sun dried fritters), Canning and preserving the seasonal vegetables, making pickles and buying nothing ready made. People have become so lazy to the extent that they buy chopped and peeled vegetables. Missing the flavor of mom's food??? Try cooking from scratch.

2. The art of Stitching

My grandma was an expert at Crochet, embroidery, making stuffed toys and even stitching her own clothes. There was never a time I saw her sit idle. Her embroidery work used to cover our entire house from the door mat to wall hanging, handmade toys to small drawings on our books. Bliss isn't it.

3. The art of reading and writing

She never leaves a single page of the newspaper. Reading each and every inch of newspaper. We have also lost the old art of writing letters. The world of happiness to see the handwriting of our loved ones (without the help of auto-correct). We could basically feel the person whispering the words into our ears.

4. Socializing

Without the help of Facebook they would socialize with anyone and everyone. A festival comes and the house is filled with relatives.

5. Memory

This is what as we evolve would be less and less used. After all everything is available on the internet. Does anyone even remember more than 2 telephone numbers now a days? Even recipes?

And the list can go onto gardening, ironing (perfectly), washing clothes, haggling etc etc. As the generation passes by more things will be invented for our comfort. So do we forget the basics or get to learn whenever we have some time.