Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paneer Aloo Tikki

I found this recipe from another food blog. Both are high fat food items. So I decided to reduce the fat a bit and shallow fried them instead of deep frying.

Potato- 2
Cottage cheese (Paneer) - 2 cup (Grated)
Bread - 2
Onion - 1
Coriander Powder- 1tsp
Chilly Powder- 1 tsp
Cumin Powder- 1 tsp
Coriander Leaves- a small bunch
Oil- 3- 4 Tbsp per pan
Corn flour Paste
Salt to Taste

1.Soak the bread in water for a while as soon as it becomes soft take it out mix them with boiled and masked potatoes.
2. Mix all the other ingredients except oil (bread crumbs and corn flour paste too)
3. Keep the Cottage cheese in the refrigerator for a while as it will be easy to grate.
4. Make tikki's with the dough. (I made it into several shapes)
5. Dip it into Corn flour paste and later give a coating of bread Crumbs.
6. Shallow fry them on a non- stick pan.