Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions for My Marriage

Its two years since I tied the knot with an adorable and sweet person. Its two years since I took those vows (Saptapadi).  I feel like renewing the vows for the coming new year. These two years have passed on without any major glitches (due to God's grace). There have been silly fights and misunderstanding. Both of us have matured over the two years in this relationship. For making our life a better one I plan on taking a few new resolutions. And I personally feel can be adapted by other couples too.

1. Cultivate Common Interests

Being an arranged marriage our interests were totally different. He is more of a sports person and I had never watched a single match before getting married. He is a hardcore basketball freak and would take me along with him to watch a few basketball matches. And at the hope of spending more time together I would tag along with him. My interest developed in Basketball and I would accompany him for most of his matches (whenever time would permit) and now I don't have any issues if he watches NBA matches. I enjoy them too. 

My point is to develop some common hobbies which we can do together. 

2. Communicate appreciation

One day as we were talking I was telling him that he has improved a lot on some aspect in his career. And he tells me that I have neither been encouraging nor discouraging till now. I had not realized till that point that sometimes you have to put it in words to convey what's going on in your mind. When I thought about it I have criticized him or been harsh on him at times (which most certainly has not helped him). A few encouraging words can make a lot of difference. 

3. Say "I Love You" everyday

We had decided on this pact before getting married. And somewhere in between we forgot it because of his work load and my studies. Telling it everyday kind of boosts your partner's confidence up. But the important thing is to feel it genuinely and say those magical words in a special way everyday.

4. Forgive and Forget

It is kind of difficult for me to forgive soon. I have a very sharp memory when we fight. I will bring up all the previous fights we have had and then its a huge mess (sounds familiar ladies?).  I do apologize when I kind of cool down and realize my mistake. This will be the most difficult resolution to implement.

5. Spend More time together

This year we will surely get a lot of time together as we are shifting to a new place and country. I have missed him a lot during these 3 months. Realized his importance in my life more and more. And I resolute to flirt more!!!