Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Importance of Panchagavya

In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the blend of five products obtained from cow. Panchagavya is
made from five products of the cow -- its dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd.

Its specialities are described here.

1. Godugdha (Cow Milk):

  • Cow milk is mentioned as the best milk among all.
  • As per Ayurvedic classics cow milk is useful in various diseases. It increases vital energy and immune power of the person as well.
  • Chemical composition wise milk has fat, carbohydrate, minerals, calcium, Iron and Vitamin B.
  • Stroncin which is present in cow’s milk provides capacity for resistance of the body against atomic radiation.
  • It also contains Cerebrosides which has good ability to improve and regenerate brain cell.

2. Goghruta (Cow Ghee):

  • As per Ayurvedic classics cow’s ghee is useful in various kinds of systemic, physical and mental disorders. It sustains the age for long time and delays genetic condition and maintains body biochemistry.
  • Gau ghruta also improves environment. When it is used in Yajna it improves the level of oxygen and Ozone gases in surrounding areas.

3. Gomutra (Cow Urine):

  • A total 8 type of urine are explained for medicinal purpose, among those cow urine is termed best.
  • Anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties are found in it.
  • It also has anti-oxidant and immune modulator property, which is very much useful for auto immune diseases- which are increasing now a days.
  • In classics there are so many references available where cow urine is mentioned as a drug of choice internally as well as externally.
  • It also has germicidal property and it might be the chief reason why Gau mutra was used as a holy content on each and every occasion.

4. Gomaya (Cow Dung):

  • Gomaya is considered equally holy content as Gau mutra and it is used to purify the environment. In the earlier days people used to clean the floor weekly with cow dung. Soon after the meals are finished the floor was wiped with water and cow dung.
  • Cow dung has radium and it checks the radiation effects.

5. Curd is a byproduct of cow milk. All the leading practitioners of Ayurveda, including Charaka and Sushruta, have written on its qualities and usefulness. It is considered as one of the most wholesome food items throughout the world. Curd has its therapeutic value in many diseases. It has been described as a tonic and is credited with the properties that prevent premature aging. Curd also brings relief to patients of diarrhea and dysentery. At the end of the meals we are served with curds which helps further in the process of digestion.

Panchagavya is also used as fertilizer for plants, which results in less pollution in the environment and less consumption of poison through food.