Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Second Mom

God blesses people with one mother; but I am truly blessed to have two mothers. It’s almost one and a half year since I got married and the best part is the wonderful and supportive family I have. And one of the best part of this family is my mother-in-law alias Maayi (as I always call her). I always have a smug smile when I see the relationship portrayed on television about saas-bahu or when my friends complain about their mothers- in -law. 

A serial called Diya aur Bhati Hum on Star Plus centers on the character of Sandya, the eldest daughter- in- law in a very traditional Rajasthani household controlled by an overbearing mother- in- law. The bahu has to prove her worth in every Maha episode. A new challenge every month and more tears (sob, sob, sob…)

In college people ask me how I manage my studies and household work. I always have one reply, "my mother-in-law". And every time I thank my stars for giving me such an encouraging and supportive maayi.

These are a few things that I have learnt from her.
1. When you have friends and/or family coming to visit and stay with you, have their favorite things to eat and drink. It makes them feel at home, comfortable and welcome!
2. There is nothing more important than family and nothing is more satisfying than spending quality time with your family.
3. You can an d should take care of your health first. Go for walking do yoga and stay healthy. (She never misses her early morning walk)
4. Don’t worry about the small stuff, really. It takes care of itself. Keep a ferocious focus on the big stuff.
5. Have some faith in GOD. He never leaves you alone.

My Maayi is strong, compassionate, thoughtful, hard-working, smart, and a great cook. I am blessed to have her in my life, and I appreciate the things she does for our family. She has supported and championed me by reading my articles, appreciating my writing to encouraging me in my studies. I love her, and I can't thank her enough for raising such an amazing man for me to marry.