Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things you do, Just for me

You think flowers are a waste of money,

 You come to a few movies with me (on my insistence) only to sleep in the theatre,

 You refuse to put a picture of us on your mobile, laptop and even wallet, and give a cheesy dialogue "you are in my heart",

You say mean things and hurt me badly, and take a lot of time to say sorry,

You snore like a truck and occupy almost the entire bed.


You have cooked for me, when I was sick, even though you can't even make a coffee for yourself,

You caress my forehead hours together, when I have a horrible headache,

You plan the most fantastic outings and make up for all the lost time,

You are my "Food Buddy", always ready to seek new things which we have not put into our mouths yet,

You make me laugh, by doing a stupid dance step and crack jokes which make me pee in my pants laughing really hard,

You light up my life and remove the darkness from my life,

You are my rock whenever I am ready to melt like a ice.