Thursday, January 2, 2014


Wikipedia goes on to define Feminism as - “collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal – or, in some cases, greater– political, economic, and social rights for women compared to men. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment”. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.

Feminist activists campaign for women's rights – such as in contract law, property, and voting  while also promoting bodily integrity, autonomy, and reproductive rights for women. Feminists have worked to protect women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. They have also advocated for workplace rights, including maternity leave, and against forms of discrimination against women.

Is the term Feminism misused?
Some women term men as selfish, evil monsters and people who only think of themselves. Some even say that men only want to bring the women down as they are threatened by women. There are a lot of stories in media about domestic violence, rape, gender bias at work and sexual harassment cases which come up every day. There are a lot of incidents reported daily. But there are some cases which are just generated in for personal grudges.

There are a few sections of women, who say that they are feminists and I bet they don’t even know what it means. They just beat around the bush and curse men in general. Is it feminism if you choose your career over your own child when the child needs you the most? Is it feminism if you neglect your family?

I am not a person who advocates that women should not work. I also do not advocate the fact that women should just do the household work, take care of children and stay at home without raising their opinion. A house becomes a home with mutual respect for each other, nurtured with love and care, and without any ego. It applies both to men and women. The society is finally changing. There are men who stay at home to follow their passion (be a photographer, painter, writer etc) as a freelancer and take care of household chores.

Myths about feminism:

Myth: Feminism is about fighting men, hating men and eliminating men.
Fact: Feminism is about challenging systemic inequalities and does not portray men as the enemy.Though, I don’t mind elimination of a few men like the rapists in the Nirbhaya case or the men who only drink and abuse their wives.

Myth: Only women can be feminists.
Fact: One of the famous social reformer and educator who abolished sati and child marriage, Raja Ram Mohan Roy was not a woman.

Myth: Feminists are opposed to marriage and motherhood.
Fact: Many feminists are married and are mothers. Feminists recognize that happy families are important and believe that families are strengthened with the well being of all members.

Myth: To be a real feminist, a woman cannot be feminine.
Fact: To be a feminist doesn’t mean that she should not love dresses or high heels. Feminism is just an opinion.