Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Life Story

This article was written on the occasion of my parents 25th anniversary.

It’s not a love story; it’s a life story…

It was on May 29th, 1987 my mom and dad were tied in a knot. It’s been 25 years. A milestone has been covered by them in the wonderful relationship of marriage. I have often wondered how two people with complete different personalities can ever live together. But then I realised that it is love and understanding that helps in the growth of a healthy relationship.

My dad was born and brought up in Kochi. After facing lots of hardships and doing hard work he
finished his graduation and has been in the banking sector since then. He could not afford higher
studies due to financial problems, but after marriage he even finished his MBA. He is a person of
very few words; as they say action speaks louder than words. He is a person with lot of general
knowledge as he never misses reading the newspaper. I remember him helping me out in my school
days with my studies, especially Mathematics. He never took promotion earlier in his life as it would mean travelling from one place to another which would also mean staying away from the family. He has always put his family first rather than success and money. But in the end he got it all. My dad’s the best is all I can say.

My mom hails from Manipal. The very first thing anyone would notice about her is her warm smile.She is an obedient daughter/daughter-in-law, caring mother, lovable wife, an efficient banker and above all the most wonderful person I have ever met. She may be an ordinary person to others but for me she is a role model. Her routine starts at 5.00 in the morning, be it a weekend or weekday. Even if she falls ill she hardly sits and creates a fuss about it. I often wonder where she gets all this energy from. She ends up making a lot of friends wherever she goes.

My dad is reserved and my mom is outgoing. Two different personalities definitely attract each
other. They complete each other in many ways. They always have faced problems together. They are always there for each other. When my dad finally took promotion once we kids grew up, he had to move to Mumbai for 3 years. My mom was there as a brave lady taking care of everyone in the family. Likewise when my mom had to go for an unavoidable training in Pune for 2 weeks, my dad managed it all. They do have their difference of opinion too, but in the end they keep it aside and work together. They make it a point to communicate their feelings with each other.All I wish for them is many more years of being together in happiness. They have finished the mark
of silver jubilee. Happy anniversary mom and dad. Love you…