Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Chocolate Diya's with Yogurt and Fruit filling

I had seen this art in Pinterest. I had to try it one day and I felt today would be the best day to try it.

Ingredients :
Dark Chocolate : 1 cup
Yogurt : 3/4 cup
Sugar : 1 tbsp
Honey : 1 tsp
Fruits to Garnish

Procedure :
1. Melt the chocolate using the double broiler method or by keeping them in microwave.
2. In muffin cups using a brush or spoon spread the chocolate on the base and on the sides.
3. Keep the mould in the muffin pan so that everything is of equal size and keep in the freezer.
4. After 10 minutes take them out and remove the muffin cups.
5. In a bowl beat the yogurt, sugar and honey in a frothy cream and pour them in the chocolate moulds.
6. Garnish with the fruits you desire.

Notes: I just wanted to make them healthy so used dark chocolate.
You can substitute yogurt with whipped cream, fruit smoothies or ice cream.