Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kiss of Love

The protest against moral policing led to the development of "Kiss of Love campaign". Dozens of youth kissed and hugged each other in public and there were various articles written about it.

A TV channel had telecast footage taken by a hidden camera of a group of youngsters kissing and hugging at a cafe. Later a group of people vandalized the cafe. We have seen similar cases where a group of men attack women outside pubs and even during Valentine's day. Basically its nothing but imposing a set of rules on people collectively called as "preserving our culture".

I have been in US for over a year now and I have never seen people kissing in public at all times. Have seen a peck on the cheek here and there, but never anyone making out in public. Actually I have seen more of it in India. And I think maybe its just because of all this hype created in the society.

The Liberal's who support this campaign give retorts like " What about the sculptures on our temples depicting sexual postures?". There are so many other sculptures depicting  education, war, animals which basically depicts the way of life people used to lead their life.

People also have another argument where they say that you can Piss in Public and not Kiss in Public. A large population in the Mumbai slums defecate in public. It is a daily sight for people who travel by local trains in Mumbai. So can we do the same in public. We can again retort by saying that this will have an impact on hygiene.

So am I completely against the concept of Kiss of Love? Not completely I would say.  A mother kissing her son/daughter is a form of pure love which is not hyped when done in public. For me as a person I love public display of affection. But that is to the extent of holding hands. The concept of love has evolved from movies and novels. The depictions on these platforms has influenced our thoughts and concept of love.

But after all these arguments people are in love and dying to express their love in public. After all everybody is free to imitate.