Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Avocado and Chocolate Mousse

Sunday mornings are very frustrating for me as my husband sleeps and I will be up early and have to sit all by myself the whole morning. So it leads me to google for recipes. And I got this recipe from one of the sites. I varied it a lot from the original recipe. Even Vegan's can try this out.

Ingredients :
Avocado : 1
Cocoa Powder : 1 tbsp
Milk : 1 tbsp/ Almond Milk
Agave Nectar : 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup

Garnishing :
Almond : 1/2 tsp
Mint Leaves

Procedure :
1. In a mixer blend all the ingredients and put this paste in the frosting decorating cone.
2. Squeeze it out in a bowl and freeze for 30 minutes.
3. Serve cold .