Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mushroom and Spinach Omelette

Around 6 months back I saw a movie called "The 100 foot Journey". In that they say that Omelette is the most difficult thing to cook as a chef. Check out the trailer here. Now another thing that fascinated me was this Omelette prepared by my friend Reshma. I have prepared this Omelette with just egg whites and the whole egg. I really loved the Omelette prepared with egg white. They turned out fluffy and soft.

Egg White : 3 eggs 
Button Mushroom ; 4-5
Spinach : 9-10 leaves
Salt : according to Taste
Pepper : according to Taste

1. Whisk the egg whites or the eggs add salt and pepper.
2. In a non stick pan saute the mushrooms and spinach leaves and once they are slightly cooked.
3. Add the whisked egg on top and cook on one side. You can add cheese if you desire in top or in the whisked egg.