Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hibiscus Juice

I first tasted this at Bacchanal Buffet in Vegas. And I always wanted to recreate this particular drink. When I was searching for this recipe I came across the benefits of this Flower. Apparently it reduces hair loss. The one thing that I needed the most at present.

Ingredients :
Hibiscus Flowers : 3
Water : 1 cup
Lemon Juice : 2 tsp
Sugar : 1 tbsp

Procedure :
1. Wash the flowers and separate the petals from the flower.
2. Boil the flowers in the water till the petals lose their color.
3. Once they lose the color let the water cool down.
4. Add lemon juice and sugar, serve with a few Ice cubes.

Notes : The color turns further red in color once you add the lemon juice to it. You can also prepare the squash if you have large quantity of hibiscus flower and refrigerate it for more than a week.