Monday, July 6, 2015

Palak Mushroom

Palak is one of my favorite veggie. I recently tried another recipe from veg recipes of India and as usual it turned out yummy.

Ingredients :
Spinach : 1 bunch
Mushroom : 20
Green Chilli : 4 -5
Ginger : 1 inch
Garlic : 2-3
Oil : 2 tbsp
Cumin Seeds : 1/2 tsp
Cardamom : 2
Cloves : 2-3
Bay Leaf : 1
Onion : 1 large
Tomatoes : 1 large
Kasuri Methi : 1tsp
Turmeric Powder : 1/4 tsp
Chilli Powder : 1 tsp
Garam Masala : 1/2 tsp
Fresh Cream : 2 tbsp
Salt according to taste

Procedure :
1. Wash and blanch the spinach leaves and puree the blanched leaves with green chilli, ginger and garlic.
2. In a kadai heat 2 tbsp oil and add cumin seeds,cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf and saute till they become fragrant.
3. Add the finely chopped onions and cook till they turn pink in color.
4. Once the onion turn brown add ginger paste and garlic paste.
5. Now add the finely chopped tomatoes and cook till they turn mushy.
6. Once the tomatoes turn mushy, add the chopped mushrooms and cook till they release water and cook till all the water dries up.
7. Now add 1 tsp crushed kasuri methi.
8. Add turmeric powder, chilli powder and garam masala.
9. Add the spinach puree add the water and and let it come to a boil.
10. Add the required amount of salt and fresh cream.