Sunday, December 28, 2014

Bhenda ani Batata Talasani

I really love Talasani. Talasani is a typical konkani dish where you add a seasoning of crushed garlic along with other veggies. In this particular variety I have used Lady's Finger and Potato.

Ingredients :
Lady's Finger : 20 (Julienne cut)
Potatoes : 2 (Julienne cut)
Garlic : 10 to 15 pods ( Peeled and crushed)
Chilli Powder : 2 tsp
Amchur Powder : 1 tsp
Salt according to taste
Oil : 2 tbsp

Procedure :
1. In a pan add oil followed by crushed garlic and cook till it turns brown. 
2. Add the chilli powder and before it burns add potatoes. 
3. Once cooked add chopped lady's finger followed by salt and amchur powder.
4. Simmer the flame and cook till the stickiness of lady's finger disappears.