Monday, September 10, 2012

Rontas (Rice Puri's)

This recipe is a delicacy from Kochi. Its a tradition to make these puri's on Vakuli (a konkani term for Holi).
This has been the ritual since the rich and poor can afford to make these. Puri's are eaten with Dalitoy. Dalitoy is made by adding pototoes in them.

Rice flour- 2 cups
Oil for deep Frying

1. Add water (water at normal temperature) in the rice flour along with salt and make dough.
2. Make puri's out of them. Puri's are made using two plates and pressing the dough with the help of another plate as given the picture below. ( two plastic sheets are taken and oil is applied on both of them and it is pressed between the plates)
3. The puri's are deep fried.

P.S: Make sure that the balls are really small in size(smaller than puri).